Sunday, December 12, 2010

Even the road to nowhere ends somewhere

I'm not sure what a train platform becomes when it has lights and a snack shop, but no doors or trains that could ever lead you out. It's like Shukuzu-ku now has it's very own version of purgatory for these 100 poor little plastic people.  For now, the station sits high on a bluff overlooking the town, no track in sight and now power for any of the lights.

When the station is finally relocated under ground as part of the urban redevelopment project, maybe the harried pace of the little travelers will seem to make more sense.  Trains will be pulling in to the station, although disappointingly their doors won't open to allow masses of people to crush inside.  I was often confused why there were so many chairs in a Tokyo subway station since as there was a train every few minutes how long could you really expect to be there.  Here though, it makes more sense.  These people will be sitting there for a very long time.

Eventually they'll realize there is no escape, even when a train does arrive. The soda machines will slowly run out of the better drinks, leaving everyone to fight over the Diets and eventually the fruit punch.  Someone will come running out of the Everyday, and while they might not scream how we're feeding them food made out of people, they will certainly protest the lack of actual stocked shelves of any kind.


  1. Great to see an update on Shukuzu! Love all the people on the platform! Great storyline as well. The vending machines are great looking models and really give it all a very realistic look! Nice job!

  2. Welcome back to the blagosphere! Missed you!

    This is really fantastic. No chance you'd be willing to share the images you used to make all these wonderful details?

  3. Thanks guys ... it's been a while since I've posted for sure. The chief engineer has been running trains and won't tolerate any interruptions for construction lately.

    All of the signs I have are in this album:

    Some of the signs were part of the kit, but everything else is in that album. Some of the signs in there I'm sure will never get used but just looked cool or reminded me of things we used to see all the time.

  4. I'm glad to see you back as well. I enjoyed reading your earlier posts, and the new one is equally enjoyable. Don't make us wait six months for the next one. - Ken