Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yay, the train is here ... now what?

It's been months since the citizens of Shukuzu could count actual train service amongst the benefits of living in their fair ward. Sure, the weather is always perfect and none of them have to do anything other than stand around all day long, but no running trains makes for a boring city when your legs don't actually move and all the cars have doors that are sealed shut. It almost seems comical that even a taxi will have doors that don't open given how they all operate by magic remote handles from the drivers seat in the rest of Japan, but there you have it. Shukuzu is a different place.

But they are safe now, the happy little citizens. Service resumed today with a line twice as long as the original and now they no longer even have to wait for the train out in the glaring 75 watt sun. The underground station is in place, although the tunneling itself is only roughly finished.

Calamity still obviously reigns on the surface, with overturned trucks and eerily smiling engines. But, after production delays with the extensive tunneling through two layers of the town, plus a faulty switch pulling the entire line off service, there are some happy faces in the hastily laid out town.

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