Monday, June 28, 2010

Blue collar

Other than the gas station and the various jobs related to the train lines themselves, there really weren't any good, solid blue collar jobs in Shukuzu, until today.

While the construction of the industrial building was hailed by many as great leap forwards in the economic viability of the town, it doesn't officially have any tenants yet. Or interior walls, or lights.  Luckily, it will disassemble just as easily as it went together so it can be fully outfitted for the eventual tenants.  In the meantime, it does an excellent job at preventing marauding giant beasts from perching on the edge of town to stare out the window.

Company officials welcomed a small crowd of citizens, freed from their ziploc bags for the orchestrated event to official declare the building almost open. Nestled down against the storage sidings and newly constructed engine shed, the industrial site received a warm welcome.

The mood quickly began to turn to less than genial, however, when it was announced that the newly created jobs at the site would actually not be paying anything, scale currency not being available and the fact that every citizen of Shukuzu is plastic, rendering food and clothing unnecessary.  The company representatives found themselves in dire straights when faced with the unruly supporters turned protesters as while Shukuzu does have several police cars, there are no actual police to call in an emergency.  Luckily, one of the company men had a clipboard that he could angrily shake and disaster was narrowly averted.

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