Friday, June 18, 2010

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So. . . get on your way.

When things go horribly, horribly wrong, some people go to a very dark place.  Just as quickly they arose from the pink stratum, the mountains of Shukuzu were shown to be completely not what had been intended in either form or function, so a hasty retreat was beat out to the deep dark of the garage.

The inhabitants of the pale pink dot needed a more substantial and awe inspiring precipice from which to enjoy their scenic views, and to bore tunnels through to enhance what little escapism their train line to right-back-where can offer.  So, contrary to all know laws of geological formation development, railways were laid down and mountains allowed to grow around them, layer by layer until they had reached a substantial enough height to provide some visual appeal.

Almost as if it were as easy as cutting a half circle out of a spare piece of the earth, the center of Shukuzu shot 40ft into the air as well, dramatically raising speculative rents in the commercial and residential towers yet to be unpacked from their boxes.

Sitting initially at low elevations, Shukuzu was occasionally subjected to vicious incursions by gigantic four legged beasts who would indiscriminately pad across the landscape without concern for train schedules or the sheer terror that comes as part of daily life when you are a few millimeters tall.  Now that the initial heavy construction was over, it was time to head for higher ground.

The zoning committee was adamant that Shukuzu not squat in the corner of the room like a complete abomination any more than a massive slab of hot pink foam already would, so a compromise mounting plateau was sourced offering a good height given the adorable shortness of the prime operator, ample storage, and an attractive finish far beyond what I could have been expected to cobble together.

Cheers of joy could well have rung out from across Shukuzu as the Tokyu Series 5000 made its maiden voyage across the landscape, but our original eight little station people had only been joined by another half dozen visiting the local shrine so the fanfare was minimal.  Little do the waiting thousands know, tucked safely still in their suffocating ziploc, that it's in their best interest to stay hidden.  An electric horseman has come to Shukuzu, bringing their apocalypse with him ...


  1. Terrific post! Work is proceeding fast....maybe not fast enough for those poor souls in that ziploc bag though!

  2. I'm enjoying your blog and the layout is looking great! I love watching a plan come to life. One question though: Where do you find the pink foam locally in San Jose?

  3. The Home Depot on Curtner has had it every time I've gone by, although they do not always have every size. It seems like they sell out of the 2" sheets pretty quickly and don't really restock that quickly.