Sunday, June 27, 2010

Electric horseman of the apocalypse

Regular passenger service had only just begun in Shukuzu when the first murmurs of discontent could be heard from the populace.  Already dreaming of the day when they could begin an orderly queue to board the local at their as-yet-to-be-built station, they have begun to call for something to help get them around their square mile of reality even faster.  Little do they know, dreams of folly often lead to doom.

A sleek devil in blue and grey has been seen lurking on the viaducts, the electric hiss of its motors restrained by the overly sharp curves of the Shukuzu main line.  The desire to get nowhere even faster will mean the end of Shukuzu v2, this electric horseman of the apocalypse riding in to town on a straighter, faster rail with broad sweeping curves that will tear down everything, including mountains.

What was a quaint bi-level mainline winding through the burgeoning metropolis will become a hectic tri-level of efficient people moving power.  With the Shinkansen going up, the mainline will be going down, burrowing beneath the city to form Shukuzu's first subway line.  It only seems appropriate in the end, as what kind of Japanese city doesn't have a subway?

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